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Tim: "I want to develop applications everyone can use"

Target user Tim: Tim, man, young

Key Characteristics: Internet application developer.

On a typical day Tim gets to work and enjoys a coffee. When he starts working on the application he's been working on for some weeks now he wonders how many people will actually be able to use his application, as it's starting to become pretty complex. He remembers that at the coffeecorner that morning he met a colleague complaining about the same issue. He wonders if his company has any policy on accessibility. He remembers that some people were working on accessibility some years ago. He goes to ask his colleague if there's some documentation about this. He is told that there is none. He is disappointed that the company does not invest time and resources on coming up with some basic guidelines. On the other hand he understands that the company needs to make profit and the mainstream user is the best target.

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