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April - May 2012

Focus group sessions with industrial users (2nd evaluation phase)

Focus group sessions with 23 IT-professionals in total have been performed in Stuttgart and Seville in order to

  • present the MyUI vision of generating adaptive user interfaces for accessibility
  • point out the developer's role in MyUI
  • discuss the abstract application interaction model (AAIM) as basis for the user interface generation and adaptation with the development toolkit
  • collect feedback regarding the first prototype of the MyUI development toolkit

Three evaluation sessions have been carried out, with different focus groups, two of them were held in Seville (Spain) and another in Stuttgart (Germany). The participants evaluated the MyUI development toolkit prototype as well as the artefacts related with the process to make a regular application accessible, as for example, the Abstract Application Interaction Model (AAIM). One of the main activities carried out in the focus groups was to challenge the developers in creating the AAIM of a simple software application.

The Seville focus groups' participants creating an accessible application model with the AAIM
The Seville focus groups' participants creating an accessible application model with the AAIM

In summary, the development toolkit prototype has been considered a good tool for efficiently developing applications with adaptive interfaces by the industrial user participants. The participants have shown very interested in the development toolkit and its programming approach, and they consider this may bring important benefits to those companies working in the development of accessible applications.

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