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April-June 2012 – MyUI system studies in LHRV Nottingham

During the months of April to June, several validation studies were carried out by University of Nottingham researchers. In these studies different aspects of MyUI project were tested and a total of 44 people participated. All these studies were held in the Lark Hill Village Centre (LHRV), which is owned and operated by Extra Care and is among the largest retirement villages of its type in Europe, with around 450 older residents in 327 homes on a 24 acre site including 10 acres of landscaped parkland, with a "village centre" area providing a wide range of shared health, leisure, support and social facilities including a ballroom, fitness suite, library, shops, cafes, IT rooms, sport and hobby facilities and a well-being centre.

In April's studies, the MyUI artefact tested was the "Menu structure for user profile access". The main aim of this activity was the study of usability, understandability and accessibility of menu structure for user profile changes and self-adaptations, having 11 participants organised in two focus groups.

Later in May and June other studies were carried out with 16 participants from LHRV centre. The study was based on the adaptation process of MyUI, trying to evaluate if MyUI generates an adaptation based on user's self-scored profile variables, and if it improves accessibility. The method used in these studies was the co-operative evaluation.

MyUI validation studies event in LHRV Nottingham
MyUI validation studies event in LHRV Nottingham

Also in June another study was carried out aiming to test how effective are MyUI games at measuring user capabilities, and if adaptations made as a result of the use of games are beneficial to older users. An overall of 17 people from LHRV participated in this study which was also based on co-operative evaluation.

The results and findings of these studies will be gathered and jointly analysed in the deliverable D5.1 to be issued at the end of the project.

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