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March 2011 – First year project summary

MyUI aims to improve the accessibility of every-day ICT products by means of self-adaptive user interfaces. In this way, highly individualised user interfaces meeting the specific end user's needs are generated at runtime. Additionally, a virtual environment provides tools which support industrial users with the integration, illustration and assessment of adaptive features of ICT products. An interactive TV has been selected as the platform for the MyUI system. The feasibility and benefit of the MyUI approach in the industrial development context will be tested based on demonstrator interactive TV services for social communication and physical exercise.

The major outcome of the first project year has been the pre-poned implementation of an early prototype system in MyUI. Thereto, the analysis of requirements for the MyUI system considering the needs of both industrial users (developers, designers) and end users (older people, stroke survivors) has been conducted; and the demonstration scenarios has been specified. User interaction constraints, which can be overcome by means of adaptation, have been derived from the end users' requirements analysis. These constraints provide the base for the established MyUI user model. An initial context management architecture has been implemented providing access to the user model. A first version of the overall MyUI system architecture has been set up and initial concepts for self-adaptive user interfaces have been developed.

The early prototype system has been developed in order to demonstrate the basic features of user interface adaptation. Thereto, an email application scenario has been chosen as a reference application. A first set of design patterns have been identified and partly implemented in order to realise the email scenario. The development of the virtual user lab has been started. The virtual user lab aims to provide support to industrial users based on the collected requirements from interviews with industrial users.

A preliminary version of the test plan for user research studies has been provided. Criteria for the selection of specific studies, the studies identified to be performed in MyUI and methods for carrying out and evaluating these studies are covered by the test plan.

The project's website has been set up ( and refined; and a dissemination and exploitation plan has been detailed. MyUI has been presented at several conferences. MyUI contributed to different VUMS cluster activities and advanced work in standardisation. A common terminology on user modelling has been defined within the cluster. MyUI has completed its glossary on terms. The common ground of all the cluster projects' glossaries will be discussed in the next cluster workshop and the potential for standardisation identified.

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