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2-October 2012 - MyUI industrial users validation session in Seville

The latest version of MyUI technology for industrial users was held in Seville in the second of October. This session was organised, following the focus group approach, in two groups. The first one consisted of IT professionals in decision making positions. The second focus group consisted of software developers that could have a better understanding on the MyUI Development Toolkit technical features and so provide a better feedback on these.

The aim in the first session, which gathered 11 professionals from IT Spanish companies, was to share with them the advancements that MyUI technology will bring to software development sector. These participants had knowledge on technical aspects but also participate in the business and managing decisions, hence, the development of the session emphasized the Business and Market Potential aspects of the MyUI Development Toolkit.

MyUI industrial validation session in Seville
MyUI industrial validation session in Seville

The second focus group consisted in 8 experienced developers which could test the latest version of MyUI Development Toolkit and were challenged to create an accessible application for MyUI platform using the MyUI approach (AAIM and Eclipse Plugin). These participants dig into MyUI Development Toolkit, its technical features and functionalities and share in the session the feelings about working with this innovative development technology.

MyUI industrial validation session in Seville
Experienced developer testing MyUI development toolkit in Seville

The feedback gathered in both sessions was very optimistic due to the high interest that the participants showed during the sessions, and both groups (decision makers and experienced programmers) remarked that the MyUI programming approach is really innovative and the development of adaptive and accessible applications need such kind of solutions (as the one that MyUI is offering) for making efficient the processes related to adaptive and accessible software development.

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