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9-October 2012

End user validation tests conducted at Casa del Mayor, Ayuntamiento de Getafe (Madrid, Spain).

In September 2012, the MyUI team conducted a new end-user validation session at Casa del Mayor, Ayuntamiento de Getafe (Madrid, Spain). The goal of this section was to test the new interface adaptation features implemented by the MyUI team and get feedback from end user. In the test, the users were asked to complete 14 tasks, including navigating through the main menu, checking the weather forecast of the cities of Seville, Berlin and Getafe, and playing a cognitive game.

The procecdure was as follows: the user is first presented the main menu of the application and is then asked to check the weather forecast of Sevilla without any further instruction. Second, the user is asked to play the Trial Making Test, a game at which the user must click on then a set of numbers sequentially: 1-2-3-4-… 25. Depending on the user's ability to complete the game, summarised by a score shown at the end of the game (which includes time to completion and missclicks), the user interface is adapted automatically.

The user now sees the main menu has changed and adapted to his/her needs. S/he is then asked to check the weather forecast for the city of Berlin, showing that the User Interface is different than before. Finally, the user is asked to modify the UI himself using the Configuration menu, which allows s/he to modify the font-size among others.

At the end of the session, the user is handed a questionaire to assess on the utility, accessibility and usability of the MyUI prototype. Interesting observations have been concluded from the end-user testing sessions, including:

  • The users found the system very useful and easy to use.
  • Most of them claimed that they would use it if they have it installed at home
  • They agreed that they would not need much help from an expert to start using them.
  • The applications in the main manu cover many of their interests
  • The UI automatic adaptation was useful, together with the fact the manually adaptation of the UI through the configuration button
  • The possibility to use different input devices, pointer and numeric navigation, is very useful since some of them prefer a pointer device, while some others rather like numeric navigation
  • MyUI validation session in Getafe
    MyUI validation session in Getafe

    MyUI validation session in Getafe
    MyUI validation session in Getafe

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