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Manuela: "the social assistant helps me a lot"

Target user Manuela: Manuela, Female, 66

Key Characteristics: A healthy elderly female widow, with mobility constraints due to her knee problems. She lives alone because her son moved to a city far away from her.

Manuela is a 66 year-old healthy woman who has just retired. Manuela has gone from being responsible for a clothing store, managing stocks and purchases to having no occupation during the day. She remembers herself managing the whole shop on her own, with her head always busy with accounting, deliveries, etc.

Manuela has got only one son, Jorge, who has recently been promoted and had to move to a city far away from Manuela. She lives alone and does not receive visits from relatives very often. The social worker sees her twice a week, one hour each time, and helping her with housework and shopping. Manuela is a lovely, sociable and positive woman. She can cook and clean but slowly because her knee is hurt from an accident long ago. She is afraid of falling down without anyone being alarmed.

She likes reading magazines and solving quiz-games like Sudokusand Crosswords. On Wednesdays, she goes to the Elderly Social House to see her friends and play bingo. She also likes watching TV and talking on the phone.

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