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Liam: "A device which could capture data relating to specific movements would be of tremendous benefit"

Target user Liam: Liam, Male, 48

Key Characteristics: succesful physiotherapist and businessman with a pragmatic hands-on approach.

Liam owns a private commercial physio therapy practice employing 20 physiotherapists and serving 800 patients a week. They have mainly private and insurance funded patients but also do some work contracted to the National Health Service (NHS). Sports injuries including professional sports players, elderly, stroke patients. He is middle aged and presents wearing a track suit and looking physically fit for his age. He has a down to earth, hands-on approach, and as well as running the company still practices therapy himself. He is very pragmattic in approach, very much focussed on helping people recover from their injuries. He acknowledges that his therapies follow a pre-determined format based on the injury.

He is comfortable and highly trained and competent in using a wide range of technology in therapy, e.g. electronic devices, heat devices etc. He has never yet provided technology to patients to use at home, but is very open to that idea. Has never used monitoring technology to understand patients' adherence to exercise regimes but thinks it sounds promising.

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