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Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council (BCC), UK

Birmingham City Council is the largest metropolitan public authority in Europe. It provides services to a population of 1 million citizens, which cover social services, education, housing, planning, transportation, economic development and community development.

The City Council is providing the leadership in Birmingham to establish the take-up of digital technologies by residents and businesses with the aim of making Birmingham a key digital city in Europe by 2010. The future regeneration of Birmingham will increasingly rely on applying digital solutions and it is critical that citizens are encouraged to develop their ICT skills and usage.

The City has also invested in wireless technology, cable connectivity and ICT infrastructure at a city and community level to enable new products and services to be developed and delivered. Birmingham City Council Physiotherapy Service and its strategic partners including the Health Authority are also looking at new ways to deliver more effective services and enabling citizens to maintain a high quality of living standards and inclusion and participation in their society. Developing assistive technologies particularly for elderly people to enable them to be safe and secure, will provide independence in their homes and improve life quality.

Link to Birmingham City Council Website

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