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Arthur: "Look here sunny Jim - don't try and tell me what to do"

Target user Arthur: Arthut, Male, 79

Key Characteristics: independent living but limited by eyesight and mobility limitations.

Arthur is a widower and former sergeant-major who lives in his own ground floor flat in a secure sheltered housing complex which supports independent living. The complex has an association with his former army regiment, the Sherwood Foresters. There is ostensibly a warden on call on the site who is not always available in practice. The residents have a shared lounge and a range of optional social activities take place there throughout the week. He walks with a frame indoors and uses a mobility scooter outdoors. He used to drive a car, but can no longer see well enough to drive. He has a mobility scooter which he uses for shopping, but not many other facilities or services are within range. He has 6 adult children, and two daughters live locally and can sometimes provide support. One daughter has a full time job, the other has young children but gives support when possible, particularly with transport. He prepares his own meals and shops. He sometimes visits family for meals at their homes regularly or meets others of his age at other warden aided complexes. He also occasionally visits the British Legion club – via taxi or a lift.

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