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Ayuntamiento de Getafe

Ayuntamiento de Getafe (ADG), Spain

Getafe is a municipality of the south of the community of Madrid. It is a very extensive municipality, with big infrastructures and very well communicated. Its profile includes: a Population of 180,000, Surface: 78.74 km², 9 Districts, 1 Mayor & 26 Councillors, Town Hall Annual budget: €180 million, 10 Industrial Areas, 1 University , 1 University Hospital.

Getafe is a supportive and very active city in the participation of his citizens. This city that in his origins was living from the agriculture has turned into an industrial, dynamical and ultramodern city in which the aeronautical industry supports its historical weight. Key of this transformation is the University Carlos III of Madrid, a modern institution that has made of Getafe a real living lab for the research carried out in the University.

The aim of the Getafe City Council is to increase the democratic renovation and the commitment of the citizens with the society, taking advantage of the latest ICT technology for this goal. The objective is to increase the civil participation in the democratic local activities and especially in those that have to do with the Town hall. To this end, Getafe City Council is currently participating in a large number of R&D projects where novel citizen services are being developed.

Link to Ayuntamiento de Getafe Website

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