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Mainstreaming Accessibility through Synergistic User Modelling and Adaptability
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User Interface Generation and Adaptation

MyUI user interfaces are generated and adapted in a three-stage process:

(1) User Interface Parameterization
The result of this first step is the MyUI User Interface Profile which defines general characteristics of the User Interface. Variables such as bodyTextFontSize or displayMode (with values from "text only" over "mainly text" etc. to "graphics only") are set to best reflect the knowledge about the current user, environment and devices.

(2) User Interface Preparation
denotes the process of selecting the most suitable user interface components and elements for the current situation.

(3) User Interface Generation and Adaptation
The selected User Interface components are rendered to an individual User Interface. Profile changes lead to adaptations which can be regarded as a repeated User Interface generation with mechanisms to switch from one User Interface instance to the next.
Figure of the MyUI user interface generation and adaptation process with its three stages: 1) User Interface Parameterization, 2) User Interface Preparation and 3) User Interface Generation and Adaptation.

This project is partially funded by the European Commission under the Seventh (FP7 2007 - 2013)
Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
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